How do you Size Youth Shin Guards?

How do you Size Youth Shin Guards?

Shin guards are an essential piece of protective gear for soccer players who participate in one of the most adored sports worldwide. Shin guards are especially important for youth players who are still growing and developing physically. However, finding the right size shin guards for your child can be a bit challenging. In this blog, we will guide you on how to properly size youth shin guards to ensure optimum protection and comfort.

1. Measure the Player's Height:

Before you start looking for shin guards it is essential to measure your child's height accurately. Height is typically the primary factor used to determine the appropriate shin guard size. Make sure your child stands straight against a wall and then measure from the floor to their kneecap.

2. Consider the Player's Age and Weight:

While height is generally the primary factor it is also important to consider your child's age and weight. Some manufacturers may provide additional size recommendations based on these factors. For example, if your child is taller or heavier than average for their age, you may need to choose a larger size shin guard to accommodate their build and ensure a proper fit.

3. Try Them On:

Once you have identified the recommended size range it is essential to try the shin guards on to ensure the perfect fit. Keep in mind that different brands and models may have variations in sizing so it's always a good idea to physically try them on rather than relying solely on the size recommendations. When purchasing online it’s in your best interest to look for retailers that offer free shipping and free returns.

Have your child wear soccer socks or the socks they would normally wear during a game to ensure accurate sizing. Position the shin guard against the front of your child's leg with the top edge just below the kneecap. The shin guard should cover the entire shin, from just below the knee to just above the ankle. It should fit securely with minimal movement when running or kicking the ball.

4. Check for Comfort and Flexibility:

Along with a proper fit it is important to consider your child's comfort and flexibility while wearing the shin guards. Establish that the shin guards don't feel too tight or constricting as this can hinder movement and cause discomfort during gameplay. Look for shin guards with padding and cushioning in critical areas to provide extra comfort and protection.

The shin guards should allow for proper flexing of the ankle and knee joints. They should not restrict movement or cause any discomfort when running, jumping, or performing soccer techniques.

5. Evaluate Durability and Quality:

Consider the durability and quality of the shin guards. Look for shin guards made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of soccer gameplay. They should be able to withstand impact and protect against potential injuries.

When sizing youth shin guards take into consideration the player's height, age, and weight along with the manufacturer's size recommendations. It is important to physically try on the shin guards to ensure a proper fit, comfort, and flexibility.

Remember to evaluate the durability and quality of the shin guards to establish optimum protection during gameplay. By following these guidelines, you can be comfortable that your child has the right-size shin guards for both safety and performance on the soccer field.

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