VIVE began with a group of friends from Miami, LA, New York and Colombia. Launched in 2021 our shared passion for sport, art and our children’s futures united us. These passions have become purpose through the language of soccer and the VIVE brand and mission were born.

VIVE is an independent street-style soccer brand with premium gear for soccer people. 

A brand for people who love sport, art and fashion. A brand by people who want to give back to something they have gained tremendously from and love.


We have discovered and benefitted from the positive impacts of soccer throughout our lives and traveling the world.

We found that no matter where we were, if we could find a soccer game it would open the world up a little more. Friendship, exercise, laughter, community. It is a gift.

The team at VIVE have all been positively impacted in our lives by the art of sport. We believe that the fun, health, community and friendships derived from soccer are tremendous. 


We have a  shared vision on a path to help make soccer more inclusive and accessible for all. 

VIVE's mission is creating a future where every child has a good pair of shoes, a soccer ball, and a safe place to play. 


The first step is helping kids to get onto the field. Once there, the community begins to build, and the seeds of healthy lessons are planted.

Learning your place on the field, meeting and bonding with friends, persevering through challenges, translates into learning life lessons to create a better future. 


With each purchase a similar item will be donated to children around the world. The VIVE community grows, children are given their opportunity to create future through soccer.

In an ideal scenario we have a vision to make the donation a long term relationship. An established league would outfit their players in VIVE kits. VIVE would in turn have a related donation mission. The established league and the donation group would become sister organizations - pen pals, friends and mentors.


VIVE provides art for a greater purpose, creating a better world through fashion and sport.

Art is not secondary to VIVE or an afterthought. It is deeply and directly woven into who we are.

VIVE’s cofounder and Creative Director is Sabrina Yanguas. Sabrina personally curates and creates each collection and drop. There is thought and meaning in each design. 

VIVE celebrates diversity. Our design approach embodies the uniqueness of individuals, while emphasizing the meaning and purpose within each collection.