VIVE is Spanish for “Life” and our purpose is to create a bright future for every child in the world - VIVE Create Future.

We aim to create a world where every child has a ball, a good pair of shoes, and a safe place to play.

Through our CREATE FUTURE program, VIVE will assist in supporting underserved children through the language of soccer by promoting the brand’s core values.


VIVE’s first donation mission was at City of Angels Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. Each child at City of Angels received a limited edition VIVE jersey and a Pintura soccer ball.

A uniform and a soccer ball at kids feet gives them a step towards new healthier opportunities. We played some soccer together and enjoyed a nice meal. It was a beautiful day for all. 


Connecting kids across the the Atlantic Ocean, forging bonds and strengthening the VIVE community.

In partnership with the Bedford Youth Soccer Club in Bedford, NY - VIVE is outfitting the Kenya Soccer Academy in Nairobi, Kenya with premium level soccer balls and performance team uniforms in custom street-style designs by artist Sabrina Yanguas.

For every item sold to the Bedford Youth Soccer Club, VIVE is donating a similar item to their sister club in Kenya, starting a life-long bond between the clubs and children.

One Kid at a Time


VIVE plans to connect children across three continents in 2024 with Create Future projects from Europe to Africa and North America.

Expanding to every continent in the world by 2025, we aim to...

Create Performance

Create Motivation

Create Inspiration

Create Community

Create Future