VIVE limited edition soccer jersey Estrella black and white

The Art in Sport

Soccer has found its footing in the Fashion arena as of late.

When Emporio Armani inked a deal to outfit the Italy National Soccer team's off-field uniforms, you knew this was serious stuff.

However, what's more fascinating is the surgence of fashion that speaks to the real community playing on the streets - not those in the overly-priced box suite. 

We were awe-struck this year with the unveiling of 2022's eye-catching Soccer Uniforms at AFCON. Our favorite kit came from the Guinea national soccer team in their traditional red, yellow, and green. The jersey has a sublimated African tribal design in an understated two-tone red with striking green and yellow complementary artwork racing down the lateral sides creating a slimming and fresh look. 

Check out this article from Sporting News, Kyle Bonn hits the mark!